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For most of us the Middle East is a synonym for tragedy, death, war and terrorism. We usually hardly know anything about its culture, traditions and great historical background. And politicians and media corporations are always blind and deaf when it concerns the problems of the region, its needs, its history, its traditions, its complexity. Their own interests the only thing that truly matters for them.

Our goal is to write new story and history of the Middle East. Of the Middle East, which is so different and complicated. So great and so suffering. So strong and so weak. The region that is a center, the corner stone of the world. Together we are to bring happiness and cordial tenderness to the life of people in this region. To provide them help, support and assistance. To provide them broader educational capabilities. We want to build cultural bridges between the Middle East and the West. To show the world the true beautiful and attractive face of the Middle East. To break the barriers of stereotypes, misperception and misunderstanding.

Bringing peace to the Middle East we are bringing peace to the humanity.

Never through politics, but only through human contacts.

We are telling you the true story of the region. With you we are writing its present and future. Join us for a better tomorrow.


Maria Dubovikova

Maria Dubovikova

Ilyas Salavatov

Ilyas Salavatov

Development director
Nikolai Sukhov

Nikolai Sukhov

Program director
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Beneficiary Account: 40703840400001000118

Beneficiary bank:OJSC "Promsvyazbank"
Address: Smirnovskaya ul., 10/22, Moscow, Russia
Correspondent account #04410090 with Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas

Correspondent bank:Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
Address:60, Wall Street, New York, NY 10004

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Full name: Middle East and Peace Charity Foundation

Full name (Russian): Благотворительный Фонд "Ближний Восток и Мир"

Address: Russian Federation, Rubtsovskaya nab., 2/3, Moscow, 105082

Tax Reference Number: 7701093140

Primary State Registration Number: 1137799022921

Non-profit Certificate Number: 7714014383

Download charter (.pdf)

Download financial report 2013 (.zip)

Terms and Conditions

1.     Introduction

The website is provided by the Middle East and Peace Charity Foundation, hereinafter referred as “The Foundation” or ”we”. The user is referred as “user”, “you” or “donor”.

By accessing any part of this website you fully agree with these Terms and Conditions. In any other case you must leave it immediately.

2.     Website usage

You must not try to undertake any unauthorized activity against the website e.g. attempt to bypass the security, decompile or disassemble the website or do any other actions which may be considered harmful to the website.

The Foundation reserves the right to restrict the access to the website in case of any suspicions about the unauthorized activity.

3.     Cookies

The cookies are widely used to improve user experience. They allow you to have the website customized for your needs. In case you do not want the cookies to be recorded, you may turn them off in the settings of your browser.

4.     Privacy Policy

The foundation collects your data provided while subscribing to a newsletter, making a donation or registering on the website. We pledge to use this information only for the charitable goals, e.g. promoting awareness about the events, sending thanks for the donations, etc. We guarantee that the information will not be sold, rented or granted to any third party without your written consent.

The names of donors may be published on the website unless you choose “anonymous donation” during checkout.

The Foundation may legally be required to disclose information on occasion. We fully comply with all applicable regulations.

5.     Credit Card details and unauthorized usage

We do not store any Credit Card information; all the operations with Credit Cards and other Payment Systems are carried out by our partner payment services. We can provide the contacts of these services upon request.

In case of any unauthorized usage of your Credit Card it is your responsibility to immediately inform your financial institution.

6.     Refunds

You may refund your donation in case it was made by mistake, by an unauthorized person or if you believe your donation is not used properly. If you wish to refund you donation you should contact us to receive the further instructions.

7.     Returns

Returns are available for the giveaways you may receive with your donation. In case you are not content with the giveaway you received, you may return it to us and you are free to choose whether you want to refund the donation you made or not. The donor covers all the shipping costs.

8.     Shipping

We ship the giveaways worldwide unless this is limited by any local or international legal regulations. We do offer free shipping on most items. Please contact us for the quote if free shipping is not specified in the giveaway description. The shipping costs may vary depending on your location. 

9.     Disbursement of donated funds

In case a program does not reach its goal in time and is not prolonged, all the funds collected will be automatically used for the general purposes of the Foundation, e.g. funding other challenging programs, administrative expenses, fundraising, etc. If you do not want your funds to be used in other way than to support the program you donated to, you may request a refund.

10.   Limitations of liability and jurisdiction

You use the website at your own risk. All the information and services provided are supplied “as is”.

The website and its use comply with the laws of Russian Federation.

11.   Modifications of these Terms and Conditions

The Foundation reserves a right to modify, remove or add any parts to the Terms and Conditions. These amendments will be effective immediately after publishing them on our website. Your continued use of the website shall be considered your agreement with the changes in the Terms and Conditions.


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