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Amalme is a database of the organizations involved in humanitarian activity on the Middle East. Our database accumulates information on the non-profit organizations working in or with the MENA (Middle East and Northern Africa) countries. We provide the basic information about the organizations locations, websites, social media profiles, goals etc. and we grant them the opportunity to share the info about their programs and events. Users are free to comment the activity of these organizations and rate them. We are also currently working on a timeline-styled report to reflect the impact these organizations have on the improvement of humanitarian situation on the Middle East.

We are extremely concerned about the improvement of efficiency of non-profit organizations on the Middle East so we are actively working on new features and tools to help them in their crucial activity.

Pertinence of the project

Situation on the Middle East

Today Middle East is suffering a lot of challenges ranging from the terrorist threat to the problems of hunger and poverty. The region that was once gave birth to the world religions is now torn apart by armed conflicts. Moreover, the conflicts in the region have become a source of threat not only for the neighboring countries, but also to the global security in general. We believe that it can only be saved by the common action of people who wish to bring positive change to our world. So the main goal of our project is to unite those who work on bringing peace and prosperity to the Middle East 

Issues non-profits face on the Middle East

Middle East is one of the most difficult regions for non-profits to work in due to the several reasons such as:

  1. Lack of coverage – disasters that are happening on the Middle East are not given the required exposure in the world media, so people who are potentially willing to help do not receive enough information about the events. So the organizations miss much required support from people who are compassionate about the fate of the region.
  2. Financial issues – despite the fact that Middle East is rich of oil and other resources, it currently faces the humanitarian catastrophe as the world community fails to provide sufficient support for those who are in need. The united action of all international organizations, NGOs, corporations and individuals is required to help those people.
  3. Unpreparedness to work in the region – Middle East has a very rich and distinguishing culture, traditions and customs, so any organization that works there should respect them and adjust its mode of action. Unfortunately sometimes the misunderstanding of the cultural background renders the work of the organizations inefficient. Therefore, the non-profits working in the region should be well instructed about the local context.

By providing the required information and in tight cooperation with the organizations we hope to render their activity more effective.

Donor's issues

Besides the above-mentioned issue of the deficit of information about the needs of the region, the donors lack information on the organizations working there. Only the activity of large global non-profits and international organizations is somehow available, while the effort of smaller local and international organizations remains unknown and they miss the much-needed support. Another issue is the non-transparency of the organizations working in the Middle East – while you may find information on the accountability almost any US registered non-profit organization; it is completely impossible to find any relevant information about the majority of organizations operating in the region. The issue is complicated by the fact that very often noble charitable causes become a mask for financing of terrorism.

We pledge to promote the transparency of the organization working in the Middle East to struggle corruption and terrorism, as well as to help individuals and corporations make a right decision.

The goals of the project

  1. To provide a wide access to the information about the participants of the peace building, charitable and other humanitarian efforts on the Middle East.
  2. To show the impact of these organizations on the resolution of the issues of the region.
  3. To allow the organizations share and promote information about their needs, programs and impact.
  4. To provide an opportunity to share the opinions on activity of every organization involved in activity on the Middle East.
  5. To educate the organizations involved in humanitarian activity on the Middle East about the particularities and challenges of the work in the region.

Target audience

  1. Individual donors
  2. Corporate donors
  3. Non-profit organizations
  4. Organizations and individuals in need
  5. Volunteers
  6. Scientific researchers
  7. Job seekers


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