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No matter where you live, you can help us create a new Middle East, bright and happy.

You can do it in several ways:

  • Increasing the awareness about our cause just liking and sharing via social media or among your friends.
  • Helping us maintain our social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) by providing us with interesting links, images or your own unique content
  • Sometimes we may need some professional aid e.g. design, legal, etc. If you are a professional and willing to get involved, please subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications about the opportunities or contact us directly if you have some ideas about how to use your talents.

If you live, work or travel in MENA countries, you are a perfect match to become our volunteer!

There are following ways to get involved:

  • We are always happy to receive your wonderful pictures and exciting stories about the region to share them with our donors. So please feel free to send us any material you consider exciting.
  • Sometimes we may need some help in the field, so we will be happy to have people available to offer some aid there. If you are interested in such opportunity, please contact us, so we could stay in touch.
  • In case you see someone in need and think we could help, you can always give us a heads up and we may help within our current programs or even create a new one especially for these needs!

If you are willing to volunteer for our organization, please fill out our volunteer application.

We require this information in order to determine which field of our activity suits you more and to structure our work with volunteers. We do not rent, sell, give away, or trade any volunteer information, it is used solely for charitable purposes.

The applications are usually proceeded within a week, so please contact us if you have not received an answer from us in 7 days after submitting the form.


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